Mckennaii Magic Mushrooms

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This special strain was created artificially in a lab with a specific objective in mid; large yields and intense psychedelic effects.

This type of hallucinogenic mushroom was named after one of the biggest magic mushroom activists,

the writer, ethnobotanist, “psychonaut” and historian Terence McKenna.

This strain can produce more mushrooms after harvesting, and is known for its thick stem and rounded caps.

It grows quite fast and isn’t that complicated to take care of. It’s quite a potent strain, though, so we do not recommend

it for the less-experienced.



Oz, Qp, Hp, p

8 reviews for Mckennaii Magic Mushrooms

  1. Christopher Finley

    Very interesting. Quite enjoyable. Small doses. Max dose was .3 gram.

  2. Pauline Orr

    Thanks for assistance with everything

  3. William Freeman

    After looking at a number of sites advertising similar products, I decided to take a chance on this one; I’m so glad I did! The product I purchased was excellent! The site is user-friendly and gives clear descriptions of what you’re purchasing, and what you get is exactly what you see in the photos. Everything about this service went beyond my expectations and I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future. Communication was clear and professional every step of the way, and shipping was faster than I had anticipated. A fantastic service, my go-to for sure! Thank you for doing what you do!

  4. Andre McBride

    I will update my review soon

  5. Duncan Fisher

    Great product and very fast shipping. As a first time user, I appreciated how easy it was to try something new!

  6. Andrew Pierce

    First time trying, with a positive effect.

  7. Liliana Camarena

    Very fast delivery and discreet.

  8. Antonia Young

    this was my first online order of mushrooms so at first i was really skeptical, everything went very well, the shipping was fast, the product was very well packaged but I haven’t used the product yet, it’s planned for next weekend

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